How Should CBD Be Extracted?


The awareness of the benefits of CBD has made it a desired component in the pharma industry. From curing cancer to treating a variety of skin conditions, CBD has become a sought-after product.

However, CBD first needs to be extracted from the cannabis plant for the safe consumption of humans.

Since various extraction procedures produce different end-products with unique health benefits, it is important to carefully choose the desired process.

Thus, CBD extraction services take due note of extraction method, raw material, safety, and legality to ensure the best quality products for their consumers.

Select a Quality Hemp

The process of extraction begins with selecting a plant source rich in CBD.

Hemp has a risk of being contaminated with toxic chemicals or containing heavy metals. Thus, it is highly essential to ensure the quality of your plant before beginning extraction.

Authentic CBD extraction services take all precautions for the effective extraction of concentrates rich in desirable components.

Choose the Appropriate Extraction Method

The choice of extraction method depends entirely upon the end-products targeted by a business. Most CBD extraction services mainly use the following three methods:

  • Solvent-extraction: This method involves the use of various solvents like ethanol, butane, or alcohol. It is one of the easiest and cheapest means of extracting CBD. However, it can be quite unsafe due to the flammable solvents and toxic residue.
  • Olive Oil: The use of olive oil for CBD extraction is one of the oldest and safest methods of extraction. Though it is quite affordable, it isn’t as concentrated as the other resultant extracts. Thus, a strong dosage of this CBD extract is recommended.
  • CO2 extraction: Use of CO2 in CBD extraction is quickly becoming a popular choice. Since it produces a high-quality end product that is safe and chlorophyll-free, it is being prominently used in the industries. However, it is quite an expensive and complex procedure that requires utmost dedication.

Ensure CBD Refinement Through Winterization

After the raw oil is extracted from the hemp, the resultant is further purified through ‘winterization’. It is a process that helps in removing the unwanted fats, lipids, chlorophyll, and remaining solvents from the oil.

Thus, the end product is a fine quality oil with 70 to 90% CBD and other desirable compounds.

Some CBD extraction services even follow an additional filtration process called ‘short-path distillation’. This final step further refines the extract to ensure the most purified CBD product.