VAWOO Vape Shop – Types of E-cigarettes


The price of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom is mainly determined by the size of the gadget, the type of control, and the duration of use. Also, the cost of e-cigarettes depends on their functionality, battery capacity, and the target factor. As such, there is no exact classification of e-cigarettes from manufacturers. However, all models can be divided into types depending on performance and purpose.

According to their purpose, devices for vaping by are mainly divided into Ego format and Box Mod. The first has limited functionality, is designed for beginners, more used as a test variant. Prices for Ego format e-cigarettes are relatively low. The second option Box Mod is a more advanced model with wide options in settings and high power. Used by both beginners and experienced vapers.

You can buy e-cigarette of different types:

  • Mechanical mods – this is a metal tube, without any electronics, the work of which occurs through the contact closure of the heater and the battery. Such devices are used exclusively by experienced vapers.
  • Variwatt mod is the e-cigarette that is responsible for the performance of the board. In the settings of this type of device you can adjust the power, choose different modes of operation. Also, in general, such devices are equipped with a display, which displays all the necessary information. This is one of the most convenient variants of electronic cigarettes.
  • Classic Ego format electronic cigarettes – work by pressing one button. Very easy to use and if you buy a modern version there are almost no inferior Box Mods, while the cost of an electronic cigarette of this type will be much lower.
  • The Super Mini Pod System e-cigarettes are the lightest and smallest, but the least powerful and no more than 12 cm long.

But it is worth mentioning that despite the wide selection of e-cigarettes, the platform does not offer CBD products to its customers.